Why XDS Zimbabwe?

Our Philosophy

We strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity relating to data privacy, legislative compliance, confidentiality and quality of information. XDS is committed to providing smart information solutions to credit grantors and consumers.

Our People

We are proud to have a diversified, multi-skilled and experienced management team and believe that through training we can improve the level of knowledge and experience, and develop the skills of our employees. We commit ourselves to skills development and undertake to promote and support the practice.

Our Key Value Drivers

Specialised Skillset

With greater focus on customers' experience, we ensure satisfaction and anticipate future needs.

World Wide Credit Bureau

With a global presence, you can access to a vast market of credit information.

Data Intergrity Accuracy & Detail

We pride ourselves on data integrity thus ensuring product quality.

Innovation and Technology

Making use of recent technology, there is increased productivity and efficiency.