Credit Information Services

XDS Zimbabwe is proud to provide up-to-date detailed information on both individual consumers and corporates. We house over 2 million credit records and our online portal ensures that information is readily available from any part of the world at any time of the day. XDS Credit Profiles will provide your business with timely and accurate consumer and corporate information that will streamline your credit granting process. Our suite of products are designed to cater for the credit grantor’s requirements across the credit life cycle. Please see below the product details.

Credit Information Services

  • Applicant KYC Details
  • Credit Risk score
  • Credit History
  • Credit Accounts
  • Adverse Accounts

Commercial Reports

  • Company Registration Details
  • Director KYC and Credit Data
  • Compliance Data
  • Registered Assets
  • Banking Data

Collections and Tracing

  • Known Address Listing
  • Contact Number Listing
  • Employer Details
  • Credit Book Exposure Analytics
  • Custom Analytics

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